3 Dices


The mentalist sends an e-mail to the spectator with a capture of a note and a photograph.
Once the spectator receives the e-mail, the mentalist requests that from a cup that is on the table with three colored dice, choose one freely, throw it and cover it under their hand.
The mentalist guesses the value of the upper face of the dice that is under spectator´s hands.
The challenge is repeated again, guessing incomprehensibly the value of the dice.
The mentalist asks to shake the remaining dice in the cup and turn it over the table without uncovering it, at this time the number will not be guess by the mentalist...
As climax and final surprise, the mentalist asks to the spectator who received the email to open it. In it, he finds written in the note the exact order in which the spectator has taken the dices and the choices he has made, ¡¡¡including the third dice that nobody knows!!!
Uncovering the cup shows that the dice fully matches with the prediction
As an addition to the note, a photograph of the three dice that matches the spectator's choices is attached

The ideal complement and kicker encore if you have "Mental Dices" by Anverdi, Nathan Buzza or Marc Antoine.
Avaliable in two versions for Red, Blue and White dices or Red, Black and White Dices