Watch and Card

Who said you could not do mentalism with cards?


The mentalist asks the audience for an spectator who can check his email in his mobile phone or tablet.
Once the spectator comes to scene, the mentalist from his phone sends a mail with a picture about a close future.
The mentalist asks the spectator to name aloud a playing card and remember. Then the mentalist takes a businnes card and makes a circle on it saying that it is a imaginary Clock but Twithout needles, so asks the spectator to select two points inside the circle. Right on the selected points, the mentalist trace two lines creating an hour.
The mentalist asks the spectator to open the email you sended before anything happened... he finds a photograph of a clock that shpws the chossen hour, but there are more..
The Mentalist asks what card he thought ... when the spectator name aloud the thougth card, the mentalist says that he has not seen the entire picture, asked to see the complete picture, the photography not only tells the time but is also the named card!