Do you need an assistant?

All effects are designed to do without assistant
But also you have the assistan option to give more imposibility to each illusion.

Do I need to install something on your computer, mobile or tablet?

No, everything is done through a web interface compatible with most devices and browsers (Safari and Chrome Recommended)

What do I get when making the payment?

You receive an email with your personal user and custom password, instructions for each of the illusions are publised in private area of the portal.

How many tricks or Illusions include the standard system?

The standard system contains 6 illusions without limits of any use.

Can I customize the text of the emails or photos?

No, but you can request a customization on demand, it will be facilitate the budget costs of adequacy.

Can I predict in diferent Languages?

Yes, you can send mails in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalonian, Gaelic and Basque

Can I use different emails?

In principle, the system is configured for a single email, but if you need to change your email or any data, you can do through the form sending the request in a maximum of 24 hours this will be changed.

What if a spectator opens an email early?

According illusions are raised, does not have to happen, however if this happens, the spectator simply will see a mail with just text without photographs, so will seems like a mail server failure.

If repeat the effect the information changes?

Can even (you should not), repeat the same illusion to the same spectator and will keep the two emails with different information.

Can I Perform this effect at youtube,any multimedia platform or TV?

You must buy the rigths for perform at TV or multimedia plaforms, put in contact to us before perform at any TV or multimedia platform

Can I perform the effect in the same way that Copperfield does?

No. The plaform have diferent effects and doesn't send masive mails neither is allowed.